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What we do...

Financial are markets driven by human behavior, and people tend to make decisions based upon the same underlying psychological tendencies over and over again.  These patterns of human behavior show up in a stock chart as we view the price fluctuations from one day, or even a few minutes, to the next.  Don't think of a stock chart as just a record of price price movements.  Think of it as a graphical representation of human interaction created by the two great motivators - desire for gain and fear of loss. 


We look for well-known patterns in the S&P 500 chart that have a historical propensity to support LIKELY (but NOT always certain) outcomes.  Since people tend to behave the same way today as they have in the past, there are many patterns in a stock chart that reveal tendencies or 'setups' that alert us to a bias towards a particular outcome.  That's what we do here.  No guarantees.  No promises.  Just good old fashioned chart reading based upon the work of John MaGee, co-author of what many consider to be the 'bible' of stock chart analysis, 'Technical Analysis of Stock Trends'.

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