How to sign up for Daily S&P 500 Video Analysis

Signing up for access to the restricted areas of this site is simple, but at the present time it is a two-step process.  Here is how you do it...

Using PayPal Subscription service, use the form below to subscribe.  When you sign up for the payment plan, you MUST use a working email address to do so and THIS EMAIL ADDRESS will be your site login name.  AFTER you set up your payment through PayPal, click on one the 'Daily Analysis Reports' link that is in the menu at the top of this page.  This will bring up a prompt for you to sign up to the SITE for membership.  Use your same email address that you used at PayPal in this spot as well as the exact same password.  It is important that these all match.  For security reasons, I do not have access to your site password but I WILL have access to it through PayPal.  Just make sure both login names and passwords are the same.  That is the important thing.

I will receive a notification that you have requested permission to access the members sections of this site and notification that you have subscribed through PayPal.  Once both of those have been confirmed I will add you to the members database by hand.  There is probably an automated way to do this but I do not know what it is at this point in time - so bear with the double sign up request and all will be well.


All content and opinions expressed in this web site and in the videos are for educational purposes only.  The web site and video presentations are not intended to be used as investment advice.  Trading stocks, ETF's, Mutual Funds, Indexes, Options, Commodities or Futures is inherently risky.  You can lose money at it.  This site, authors, and any other source of content expressed here are not responsible for your investment decisions.  Nobody has a foolproof method for profiting in any form of financial investment.  People lose money every day in the markets.  You always trade at your own risk and please only risk money that you can afford to lose should things turn against you.  If you are OK with that, then feel free...

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